Steampunk Doorknob Necklace with Dual Chains


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  • Victorian inspired jewelry
  • Intricate filigree design
  • Swarovski pearls
  • Easy close hook and loop
  • Antique brass


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Open the door to elegance with this proud and stately steampunk door knob necklace.

This necklace measures 22 inches and sits comfortably at the upper chest. The richly colored door knob is solid brass, measures ¼ inch around and ⅓ inch tall, and is attached to a solid brass plate measuring 1-½ by 1-¼ inches. The brass plate is embossed and impressively detailed with Victorian style filigree. A small, cream, Swarovski pearl drop dangles from the bottom of the plate and is framed by a draped small link chain.

Two gunmetal black chains attach at the plate and form a dual drape design around the wearer. The outer chain contains Swarovski cream pearls, while the inner chain has large oval links twisted to catch the light. Both chains meet in back and the necklace closes with an easy hook and loop closure.

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