Steampunk Aristocract – Pearls and Sapphires Silver Necklace


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  • Victorian Jewelry
  • Sparkles throughout
  • Large multifaceted glass sapphires
  • White Swarovski pearls
  • Perfect for special occasions
  • Matching earrings available


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A stunning piece of jewelry fit for a princess. This Victorian-inspired piece measures 18 inches and sparkles from front to back. The two chains drape beautifully across the neckline and are adorned with delicate Swarovski pearls set in silver antique filigree. The two chains are joined together at intervals by stunning, hand-set, multifaceted glass sapphires. The large central sapphire measures  1 ¾ inches wide and sits in an antique silver filigree setting that measures 2 ½ by 2 inches. The necklace easily opens and closes in the back with a vintage lobster claw clasp, but once you try it on you may not be so eager to take it off! Pair with equally stunning matching sapphire earrings.


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