Vintage Brass Dragonfly Necklace with Gate Key


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  • Fantasy jewelry
  • Antique embossed key
  • Brass dragon fly charm
  • Glowing spiderweb gems
  • Unique design


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This piece is sure to unlock something magical!

The uniquely shaped solid brass key is 2 ¼ inches with a beautiful diamond pattern down the front. A Swarovski ovaline crystal drop dangles playfully from its head to catch the light.

The key links to a chain of 1 ¼ inch long antique brass tube beads decorated with a green spider web bead, and a 1 inch by ½ inch spider web agate gemstone. Both bead and stone give off an olive glow and have web-like patterns throughout. A solid brass hand-forged dragonfly charm with intricate detail adds a final touch of fantasy to this already fairy tale necklace.

The entire piece is 24 ¼ inches long including the key and hooks in the back with an antique hook and loop closure.

Whether you’re the lady of the manor or just have a secret garden to protect you can wear this beautiful vintage brass key necklace close to your heart.

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