Complete Your Costume With Stunning Steampunk Jewelry

So, you’ve worked tirelessly to create a fabulous Steampunk outfit to go along with your Steampunk character. Before you head out for adventure take a minute to think about how jewelry can accentuate your outfit and add even more depth to your character. Here are a few choice picks from our own inventory to get you started or give that perfect final touch.

Steampunk earrings Victorian Conundrum E008_04For the mad scientist this amazing pair of Capsule Gear Earrings brings to mind test tubes, vials, and Tesla coils waiting to help you unlock the secrets of life! If earrings aren’t your thing, or you just want more awesome accessories, the Steampunk Capsule Gear Necklace pairs perfectly. Or give it as a gift to your date…once you create them, of course.

Absinthe the "Green Fairy" Victorian Steampunk necklace N26_3 Like unlocking the secrets of life but not necessarily into electrodes and grave robbing? Consider Alchemy! This more subtle scientific art was huge during the Victorian Era and you can show your Alchemy skills with this Poison Fairy Silver Necklace. Is that the elixir of life? Or is it some absinthe for later? You decide!

Steampunk Airship Navigator antique compass necklace- N002_2Going my way? For the explorer this Steampunk Navigator Compass Necklace will make sure you never take a wrong turn. And for the Air Pirate this matching pair of Steampunk Navigator Compass Earrings will steer you right and give you an essential pirate accessory. What’s a pirate without earrings?

Steampunk vintage necklace-Airship traveler blessing- N001The question isn’t ‘where are we?’, but ‘when are we?’  Time travel has always been an important part of Steampunk, but traveling between so many time periods can get confusing. This Victorian Mystical Traveler necklace is a beautifully ornate addition to any Steampunk time traveler costume. Time marches on, but with this piece you can make sure it doesn’t pass you by.

Antique copper watch parts steampunk earrings E011_3You wouldn’t automatically think of mechanics wearing Jewelry but in Steampunk anything goes! This simple and stylish copper pair of Watch Gear Earrings is a very subtle accent for the Steampunk mechanics who keep technology going like clockwork.

Amethyst purple Victorian Steampunk necklace N021A fashionable Victorian lady would want everyone to know she doesn’t skimp on style. Along with a corset, bustle and dainty parasol, this amethyst necklace says loud and clear that you have the means to move about with ease and comfort.


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