Harry Potter Steampunk Pride

The hearts of diehard Potter fans still ache at the realization that our beloved Harry Potter is no longer with us. It has been a few years since the last movie, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, hit the big screens and even longer since the final book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, was released. This many fans heartbroken, since they had grown up with the book characters. In a sense, Harry has created his own horcrux, an object in which one has hidden a fragment of their soul for the purpose of attaining immortality. His horcrux is hidden in all of us, so no matter what, the memory of the Boy Who Lived will not be forgotten.

Though the series has long ended, fans are still creatively embracing their love for Harry in different ways. In Los Angeles, California, a “Harry Potter Store” known as Whimsic Alley held a Harry Potter Craft Fair. Thirteen booths lined the stores, selling all types of Harry Potter-related crafts. One of the fair’s popular craft items were bow ties. Apparently, bow ties are making a come back, and brooches are not far behind. The fair also had a booth where you could purchase Butterbeer, a booth that sold messenger bags, and of course, a booth that sold different and unique pins. Alsoin the mix of beer and bags, there were booths that sold steampunk jewelry; for example, a beautiful butterfly hairpin that was fashioned out of clock gears.

As the fair continued, more and more steampunk enthusiasts filled Whimsic Alley. Although steampunk is more Victorian era inspired and focuses mainly on steam and not magic as an energy source, steampunk blends well with Harry Potter pride. After all, Harry Potter can be easily converted into steampunk fashion for women and men. Hagrid and Sybil are two main characters that are blatantly depicted with a sense of steampunk fashion in the movie – just look at Sybil’s glasses! As the fair rolled on, it became clear that amongst the group of steampunks, there was a group of “celebrity steampunks” – people known within the steampunk subculture for their unique fashion sense or other characteristics.

So whether you’re still in despair over the lost of Harry or even Voldemort, rest assured that you have outlets to celebrate your love of Harry Potter. There are many ways you can still embrace him, though the series has ended. Halloween costumes and attending fairs are good ways to keep Harry as close to you as the scar of his forehead. Jewelry and other trinkets are perfect accessories to add to any outfit. Even starting your own fandom blog could mend your broken soul. 

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