Steampunk Splash of Color

Steampunk Splash of Color

When you think of steampunk jewelry, the first thing that comes to mind is brass, brass, brass! However, that doesn’t have to always be the case. When deciding what to wear to your next steampunk event or adventure, be bolder and brighter. Incorporating color is a great way to express your own unique identity when showing off your super steampunk style. So, don’t be afraid to shine on and add some color.

There are so many options when considering ways to add color to your steampunk ensemble and jewelry. By using color in your jewelry, you can easily add some versatility to your look, or incorporate some pieces that blend well with the colors that are already in your steampunk outfit. If you can’t seem to find steampunk jewelry that is colorful, consider making your own. DIY jewelry is very popular amongst steampunk enthusiasts. Place a jewel at the center of a gear, or add additional jewels between the gaps in the gear to make it pop. Beadwork on your clothing choices or decorated bracelets are other great ways to add some color to your look. Blend gears or springs with beads to invent a creative piece of jewelry that brings out as much color as you want.

Feathers are a great way to bring a festive but vintage appeal to jewelry. Go for a classic quill feather with a dye job, or a beautiful and bold peacock feather for some much needed elegance and flair. Lace is also big in the steampunk scene, so try the colored variety for something new and exciting. Stray from traditional white or dark black. Instead, go for a bolder color that will attract everyone’s attention, and can easily match or work with a color that is already a part of your outfit.

Remember: stay far, far away from traditional brass, bronze, or gold. These elements are always expected when it comes to steampunk fashion, so dare to be different. Take rustic pieces, whether it be old keys, locks, or chains, and dye them yourself to a new and exciting color that isn’t seen very much in the steampunk world. Not sure what color to choose? Try incorporating a certain theme in your outfit. Red and oranges work well for a sultry and flaming look. If you’re incorporating creatures of the deep into your jewelry, try some deep sea blues and purples. What about an owl or beetle made of gears? Go for a look  draped in greens and browns to look like you just stepped out of an enchanted forest. Be bold with your color choices, and have fun! Your radiant color choices will stand out significantly amounts a sea of brass colored steampunks.

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