Fierce Steampunk Jewelry

What do animals have to do with steampunk? Everything!

Steampunk jewelry is often all about copious amounts of gears, bronze, and lace. But does that mean there isn’t room for interesting and innovative new designs? Animals are not just darling pets and exotic animals we visit at the zoo. They are the muses of fashion. Their transformative fur and skin provides many a creative mind with the desire to live life to the fullest when it comes to fashion. Steampunk is all about vintage, Victorian appeal, but its off beat style is exotic and engaging. Why not bring a bit of your wild side to your steampunk look?

Animal prints are easier to incorporate into your look than you think. No sure where to start? Go for some sassy and sexy leopard print when choosing your next corset. The print screams fun and fearless. Plus, it easily pairs well with traditional and typical steampunk jewelry. Brass or gold accessories and jewelry are a must. Don’t hold back. There are so many prints to choose from, and all in a variety of colors.

Jewelry itself can incorporate animals. Try some rustic paw print earrings or small animal designs. There are a variety of necklaces that you can use. Go for interesting creatures that are already displayed on jewelry. You could always add additional steampunk flair. You can add gears and cogs to an owl’s or butterfly’s wings. Load up a brass beetle, ladybug, or turtle with gears. Broaches are a fantastic way to bring animals into your steampunk style. Try a large marine creature, a festive brass octopus, or even an insect!

All decked out in your animal gear? Time to get your pet all geared up too! Bring your dog to your next steampunk extravaganza. Goggles are always a must. If you’re feeling truly inspired, make your furry friend his or her own steampunk necklace. Collars provide a perfect way to incorporate this festive trend. Your pet  may be your best accessory at your next event.

Remember, have fun with your style. Animal print and accessories that use animals as a focal point can add some fun and fabulous style to your steampunk look.  Don’t be afraid to break away from traditional trends. Let your wild side out! It’s about time you let the steampunk world know you’re a fierce force to be reckoned with.

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